Design State: Mushroom Shots


Image Shown: Blademaster Version

Armor Class: Gunner
Armor Type: Maximum Slots
Max Defense: 110-324
– Wide-Range +2
– Combo Rate +20%
– Ammo Saver
– Mushromancer
Empty Slots: 21
– Fire: +4
– Water: +3
– Thunder: -2
– Ice: +1
– Dragon: +2

Weapon: Felyne Helldoll (Crown of Felyne Ragdoll)
– Internal Ammo:
— Demon S 5/1
— Armor S 5/1
— Group Recovery 5/1
– Ammo Pouch:
— Recover S Lv1 12/3
— Recover S Lv2 12/3

Head: Gourmew Toque S
Chest: Chaos Archbrigandine
Arms: Chakra Bracelet
Waist: Healer Frills U
Legs: Hermitaur Leggings S

Charm: +10 Wide-Range 000
Optimal Charmⁿ: +5 Ammo Saver/+12 Wide-Range 000

x1 Thrift Jwl 1 (Ammo Saver)
x3 Thrift Jwl 2 (Ammo Saver)

x5 Fungiform Jwl 1 (Mycology)

x5 Professor Jwl 1 (Combo Rate)

x2 Friendship Jwl 1 (Wide-Range)
x1 Friendship Jwl 2 (Wide-Range)

Parts Needed²:
Coming Soon

Chest: Hermitaur Vest R (+4 Max Def)
Arms: Esurient Guards R (+18 Max DEF; Lowered Resistances); Pirate J Braces (+13 Max Def; Lowered Resistances)
Waist: EX Brachydios Coat (+8 Max Def); Ingot Coat S (-1 Max Def)
Legs: Chakra Anklet (-9 Max Def)

Ammo Saver can be swapped for Sheathing
– Optimal Charmⁿ: Sheathing +6/Wide-Range +12 000

Item Set:
x1 Book of Combos 1
x1 Book of Combos 2
x1 Book of Combos 3
x10 Blue Mushroom (Wide-Range Potion)
x10 Dragon Toadstool (Self Max Potion)
x10 Parashroom (Self Armorskin)
x20 Nitroshroom (Self Demondrug)
x10 Chaos Mushroom (Self Psychoserum)
x10 Mopeshroom (Self Dash Juice)
x10 Potion (Emergency Wide-Range Heal/Combine with Honey)
x10 Honey (Combine with Potion)
x10 Mega Potion (Self Heal)
x10 Antidote (Wide-Range Negate Poison)
x10 Nulberry (Wide-Range Negate Blight)
x10 Might Seed (Wide-Range Attack+)
x10 Adament Seed (Wide-Range Defense+)
x3 Lifepowder (Group Heal)
x10 Lifecrystals (Combine with Wyvern Claw)
x10 Wyvern Claw (Combine with Lifecrystals)

– Wide-Range indicates item is affected by Wide-Range and will transfer effects to hunters near you.
– Self indicates item is NOT affected by Wide-Range and will ONLY work on your hunter.
– Group indicates that the item is applied to any hunters near you.
– Combine indicates you want to save these items for combining and hold off using on their own.

ⁿ: Optimal Charm means that it is the highest charm possible to get, though it is extremely unlikely.

²: Monsters/Locations/Quests listed offer the best chance of acquiring that particular part, not necessarily the only way.


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