Alternate Design: Backbreaker


This design is an alternate to Goldmonkey‘s Subquest Set featured by Arekkz Gaming.

The original design required the Barrage Earring, but to acquire it you have to complete all Arena Quests with A Rank or higher. I don’t play the arena, but I wanted the set to at least have a gunner option. In the end, the irony is that to achieve this set, you have to farm Akantor for Akantor Spikes (I had to farm Akantor four times since I only got one Spike per run), but others might have more success in getting them.

Anyway, here is the Alternate Subquest Set: Backbreaker.

Armor Class: Gunner
Armor Type: Weapon Boosts
Defense: 165-320
— TrueShot Up
— Load Up
— Ammo Saver
— Bonus Shot
Empty Slots: 0
— Fire: +8
— Water: +2
— Thunder: +3
— Ice: -8
— Dragon: 0

Weapon: Arm Cannon X

Head: Akantor Fangs R
Chest: Crusher Garb
Hands: Buccaneer Cuffs J
Waist: Crusher Belt
Legs: Hero’s Leggings

Charm: +5 Ammo Saver 000

— x2 Salvo Jwl 3
— x1 Salvo Jwl 1
— x5 Irregular Jwl 1



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