Mixed Set: A Song of Swords and Spikes


A Song of Swords and Spikes is a set designed to allow the Akantor Dark Melody Hunting Horn to be used for hitting along with its nice assortment of melodies. This set, though, can potentially be used for any weapon where Sharpness +2 would be beneficial as the charm can be switched out for something else*.

Armor Class: Blademaster
Armor Type: Sharpness Boost
— Sharpness +2
— Heavy Polish
— ???
Empty Slots: 1 + Talisman
— Fire: +5
— Water: -5
— Thunder: +3
— Ice: +4
— Dragon: -11

Weapon: Akantor Dark Melody

Head: Glavenus Helm S
Chest: Glavenus Mail S
Hands: Storge Braces R
Waist: Glavenus Faulds S
Legs: Storge Greaves R

Charm: Any Charm that gives a skill

— x3 Sharp Jwl 1

Parts Needed²:
x15 Whetstone (Gather)
x8 Dragonite Ore (Gather – High Rank – Most Maps)
x5 Firestone (Gather – High Rank – Volcano)
x4 Fucium Ore (Gather – High Rank – Volcano)
x3 Bloodrun Jewel (Gather – High Rank – Most Maps)
x2 Monster Keenbone (Various – High Rank – 4* Ruining the Ruins, Lost in the Primal Forest, Shells of Steel, Birds of a Feather, Royal Spit Take)
x1 Hyper Claw+ (Various – High Rank – 7* Tigrex, Tigrex, Burning Bright; A Thousand Blades of Wrath; A Fiery Temper; The Unassailable Seltas Queen; The Lithe and Unbreaking; The Glowing Embers; Primal Forest Defense)
x2 Hyper Draco. Scale (Hyper Gore Magala – High Rank – 7* Putting the Gore in Magala)
x10 Glavenus Scale+ (Glavenus – High Rank – 6* Duel in the Volcanic Hollow – Wound Front Leg)
x2 Glavenus Carapace (Glavenus – High Rank – 6* Duel in the Volcanic Hollow)
x3 Glavenus Fang (Glavenus – Low Rank – Wound Head)
x8 Glavenus Fang+ (Glavenus or Hellblade Glavenus – Special Ticket – Wound Head)
x4 Glavenus Pyroshell+ (Glavenus 0r Hellbalde Glavenus – High Rank – Wound Back)
x1 Solar Bursa (Glavenus or Hellblade Glavenus – Special Ticket – Wound Head)
x1 Hyper G. Magala Scale (Quest – High Rank – 7* Putting the Gore in Magala)
x10 S. Magala Scale+ (Shagaru Magala – High Rank – 7* Stop the Wheel – Wound Wing – Carve Tail)


*Note: I am aware that Hellblade gives Sharpness +2 and Speed Sharpening, but I see it on so many hunters its become bland.

²: Monsters/Locations/Quests listed offer the best chance of acquiring that particular part, not necessarily the only way.


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