Essentials: Loc Lac Transport


This is a fairly standard set and not uncommon for people to create in order to finish transport quests without to much headache. I am posting it here as an Essentials set for those looking for ideas on what to do with the set beyond the Loc Lac pieces.

For the weapon I personally use the Larinoth Ocarina since it has Negate Stamina (L), Psychic, and Negate Wind and has 3 slots. If you play the encore of Negate Stamina (L) right before you grab the item you are to transport, it usually lasts a good deal of the way back to base. Marathon Runner takes care of the rest.

For skills, I use Negate Hunger, but you can use any skill you think is necessary; I personally just think Negate Hunger is useful since I don’t need to worry about eating.

You will want to eat for the following Food Skills:
1) Felyne Lander – Prevents you from dropping an item after a large fall – This can greatly shorten trips back to base on some maps as you can use High Drops instead of going around. (e.g. Jurassic Frontier with Eternal Fossils – you can drop from 10 to 3)
2) Felyne Supercat – Prevents knockback from small monsters while transporting an item and reduces stamina usage while dashing when transporting an item.
3) Felyne Strongcat – Prevents knockback from small monsters while transporting an item

Armor Class: Blademaster
Armor Type: Transport
Defense: 114-300
– Negate Hunger
– Marathon Runner
— Pro Transporter
— Heat Cancel
Empty Slots: –
– Fire: -3
– Water: +9
– Thunder: -2
– Ice: –
– Dragon: +6

Weapon: Any Weapon with 2+ Slots

Head: Ludroth Cap S
Chest: Loc Lac Shawl S
Hands: Ludroth Braces S
Waist: Loc Lac Kilt S
Legs: Loc Lac Boots S

Charm: Stamina +3 00

– x8 Hungerless Jwl 1

Parts Needed²:
x8 Well-Done Steak (Rife Roast + Raw Meat)
x5 Ice Crystal (Gather – High Rank – Arctic Ridge)
x8 Aquaglow Jewel (Gather – Low Rank – Deserted Island)
x8 Shiny Beetle (Gather – High Rank – Dunes)
x5 Hercudrome (Gather – High Rank – 6* Coal Hearted, Charm Farming)
x2 Torrent Sac (Royal Ludroth – Capture – 4* Royal Spit Take)
x4 Monster Fluid (Altaroth – Low Rank – Carve)
x2 Monster Broth (Bnahabra – High Rank – Carve)
x3 Altaroth Jaw (Altaroth – Low Rank – Carve)
x6 Quality Stomach (Altaroth – High Rank – Carve)
x3 Konchu Carapace (Konchu – High Rank – 5* The Most Dangerous Game)
x3 Jaggi Scale+ (Jaggi – High Rank – 4* Jaggi of the Steppe)
x2 Spongy Hide+ (Royal Ludroth – High Rank – Wound Sponge)
x7 R. Ludroth Scale+ (Royal Ludroth – High Rank – 4* Royal Spit Take – Carve Tail)
x3 R. Ludroth Claw+ (Royal Ludroth – High Rank – Carve)
x2 R. Ludroth Crest+ (Royal Ludroth – High Rank – Wound Head)
x1 R. Ludroth Tail (Royal Ludroth – Low/High Rank – Carve Tail)

Ludroth Cap S -> Ludroth Helm S
– Changes: Cosmetic


*: My skills show Halve Stun but this is because the charm I have with Stamina +3 also has Stun +12. The Half Stun is not needed as you will be running from any monsters anyway. This is the reason I did not include it in the Skills list.

²: Monsters/Locations/Quests listed offer the best chance of acquiring that particular part, not necessarily the only way.


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