Armor Set: Dark Rodeo


Dark Rodeo is a setup meant to take advantage of the Bludgeoner skill built into the Armor Set as well as be useful for mounts. HG earplugs means you can’t be knocked out of the air by roars and Mind’s Eye is great when you are attacking on the ground after a successful mount.
When you use both Vault (+10% damage while in the air) and Mounting, you want to make sure you spend most of the fight in the air, which the IG with its built-in pole vault is capable of doing. This allows you to take advantage of the damage boost as well as being able to mount most monsters consistently, even Elder Dragons.
This is a straight forward Armor Set, but has been fun to play and is Whisper’s go to set when a monster needs to be taken out quickly.

Armor Class: Blademaster
Armor Type: Mounting + Damage
Defense: 350-660
— HG Earplugs
— Mind’s Eye
— Bludgeoner
— Airborne
— Mounting Master
Empty Slots: 0
– Fire: +20
– Water: 0
– Thunder: -15
– Ice: +10
– Dragon: -25

Weapon: Any 3 Slot Weapon
– Author’s Choice: Insect Glaive – General’s Bayonet

Head: Akantor Mask R
Chest: Akantor Aegis R
Hands: Akantor Claws R
Waist: Akantor Cincture R
Legs: Akantor Hessian R

Charm: Mounting +10

– x1 Earplug Jwl 3
– x5 Flight Jwl 1

Parts Needed²:
x5 Bloodrun Jewel (Gather)
x1 Lazurite Jewel (Gather)
x10 Hyper Pyroscale (Hyper Lavasioth – 6* The Magma’s Rage)
x5 Lagombi Frozenclaw (Snowbaron Lagombi – [Special Permit] Snowbaron VI: Hunt)
x10 Kecha Pelt+ (Kecha Wecha – 4* Swing into Action)
x1 Pearl Hide (Khezu – 5* The Walls Have Eyes)
x2 Chameleos Spike (Chameleos – [Event] – The Formless One)
x2 Wyvern Crystal (Akantor – 7* Grim Tidings)
x6 Akantor Spike+ (Akantor – 7* Grim Tidings)
x6 Akantor Carapace (Akantor – 7* Grim Tidings)
x5 Akantor Hardclaw (Akantor – 7* Grim Tidings)
x5 Akantor Tallfang (Akantor – 7* Grim Tidings)
x4 Akantor Spike (Akantor – 7* Grim Tidings)

– None


²: Monsters/Locations/Quests listed offer the best chance of acquiring that particular part, not necessarily the only way.


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