Variant Essentials Set: Celebrity Gown


The Celebrity Gown is put together to do small monster hunting. With Carving Celebrity, this set is great for gathering mats from small monsters. This does NOT work on Kelbi as they recover too quickly.
While you could technically use this armor to get an extra carve on large monsters as well, the low armor means you better be good enough to stick around to carve anything at all. (No cheating by letting others do the work, you must contribute the entire fight as well.) Using Adept style and Bubbly Dance, this could be possible, but its not recommended.
Psychic is a personal choice just to keep track of any large monsters on the map.
Personally, this is a functional fashion armor set as well.

Armor Class: Blademaster
Armor Type: Gathering
Defense: 116-302
— Carving Celebrity
— Bubbly Dance
— Autotracker

Empty Slots: 0
– Fire: -10
– Water: -10
– Thunder: -10
– Ice: -10
– Dragon: +4

Weapon: Any

Head: Luxury Bath Towel
Chest: Luxury Bath Robe
Hands: Luxury Bath Sleeves
Waist: Chrome Metal Coil
Legs: Luxury Bath Sandles

Charm: Psychic +10

– x1 Carver Jwl 1
– x3 Psychic Jwl 1

Parts Needed²:
x1 Novacrystal
x3 Aquaglow Jewel
x1 Bloodrun Jewel
x6 Monster Hardbone
x3 Malfestio Tailfeather
x8 Blango Pelt+
x8 Blangonga Pelt+
x1 Deviljho Hide
x1 Commendation G
x8 Accolade
x4 Footbath Ticket (Footbath Attendant)

– Waist: Any Torso Up Waist Piece
– Charm: Any Charm


²: Monsters/Locations/Quests listed offer the best chance of acquiring that particular part, not necessarily the only way.


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