Mixed Set: Dragon’s Ire


Dragon’s Ire is built for one thing only, Sharpness. First and foremost, I want to compare this to two in-game Armor Sets that focus on Sharpness +X: Hellblade and Esurient (Deviljho).

Hellblade is an overall better armor set that really only lacks Razor Sharp, but makes up for it with Grinder and the Speed Sharpening portion of the Hellblade skill. The lower armor is compensated with nice Fire and Thunder resistances and Divine Blessing. The Dragon’s Ire does have 2 open slots but these are only useful if your weapon or charm has slots as well. So when compared to the Hellblade armor, I would take this one mostly for its looks rather than its skills or defense. (Hellblade usually wins out.)

Esurient armor provides the same skills as Dragon’s Ire, but also adds in Hunger -11 and has no slots. Esurient does have +14 defense, but has horrible resistances across all elements, meaning that you might be able to take physical hits a bit better, but elemental hits are going to hurt a lot worse. (Dragon’s Ire wins out.)

Personally, I like the look of this armor and that to get these skills I didn’t have to use up Charm or Weapons slots. This means that if you can get a Sharpness +5 charm with slots you have more options to add in an additional skill.

Armor Class: Blademaster
Armor Type: Sharpness Boost
Defense: 336-646
— Sharpness +2
— Razor Sharp

Empty Slots: 2+
– Fire: -5
– Water: +5
– Thunder: -4
– Ice: -1
– Dragon: -11

Weapon: Any

Head: Esurient Helm
Chest: Divine Ire Haori
Hands: Storge Braces R
Waist: Kushala Cocoon R
Legs: Storge Greaves R

– Sharpness +5 ???

– None

Parts Needed²:
x2 Pure Dragon Blood
x1 Hyper Claw+
x2 Hyper Ice Block
x2 Hyper Draco. Scale
x2 G. Rathian Scale+
x1 Hyper G. Magala Scale
x10 S. Magala Scale+
x2 Rajang Fang+
x3 Rajang Ragehair
x1 Rajang Nerve
x2 Deviljho Scale
x2 Deviljho Scalp
x3 Spattered Hide
x3 Daora Tail

*My skills show Critical Eye +1 because the charm I have has Sharpness +5 Expert +10. The charm only needs the Sharpness +5 to work.

²: Monsters/Locations/Quests listed offer the best chance of acquiring that particular part, not necessarily the only way.


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