Mixed Set: Uila Magala


Uila* Magala is a  bow set that uses Rapid Up (+10% RAW Rapid Shots) and Peak Performance (+20 RAW at Full Health) to make each shot hit harder, while it uses Focus to make you fire faster. Mushromancer is a very nice skill for Bow since you have good access to Mopeshroom (Dash Juice) and Dragon Toadstool (Max Potion). This works very well with Peak Performance as the Dragon Toadstools heal you completely.

Armor Class: Gunner
Armor Type: Damage Boost
Defense: 169-324
— Peak Performance
— Normal/Rapid Up
— Focus
— Mushromancer
Empty Slots: 0
– Fire: -6
– Water: +9
– Thunder: +3
– Ice: +3
– Dragon: -10

Weapon: Any Rapid Bow

Head: Storge Cap S
Chest: Storge Vest S
Hands: Crusher Braces
Waist: Storge Coat R
Legs: Storge Leggings S

Charm: FastCharge +5 000

– x2 Flawless Jwl 1
– x2 ForceShot Jwl 1
– x5 Fungiform Jwl 1

Parts Needed²:
x10 Dragon Toadstool
x2 Novacrystal
x3 Fucium Ore
x2 Sunspire Jewel
x7 Bloodrun Jewel
x6 Monster Hardbone
x15 Stoutbone
x1 Hyper Draco. Scale
x2 S. Rathalos Scale+
x1 Hyper G. Magala Scale
x11 S. Magala Scale+
x12 S. Magala Shell
x10 S. Magala Carapace
x2 S. Magala Prismwing+
x3 S. Magala Caress+
x2 S. Magala Horn
x2 S. Magala Horn+
x1 Pure Scale
x2 Rajang Tail
x2 Rajang Ragehair
x1 Rajang Nerve


*: Hawaiian: Lightning

²: Monsters/Locations/Quests listed offer the best chance of acquiring that particular part, not necessarily the only way.


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