Mixed Set: Black and Blue


I call this Black and Blue mainly because of the color scheme, but also because this set can pack a punch when using an Elemental Weapon that a monster is weak too. Not only does this skill set hit hard but the armor itself doesn’t look bad (I love the hip wings the Gore Faulds give you).
This set does not carry with it a lot of defense, though, so its best paired with Adept.

Armor Class: Blademaster
Armor Type: Damage Boost
Defense: 266-576
— Element Atk Up
— Mind’s Eye
— Weakness Exploit
— Challenger +1
Empty Slots: 0
– Fire: -2
– Water: -4
– Thunder: -3
– Ice: -2
– Dragon: -2

Weapon: Any Elemental Weapon
– Personal Note: I use this set with Charge Blade so I go for the CBs that have Elemental Phials when using this set.

Head: Sword Saint Earring
Chest: Brachydios Mail S
Hands: Escadora Armguards R
Waist: Gore Faulds R
Legs: Chrome Metal Boots

– Tenderizer +5 000

– x1 Tenderizer Jwl 3
– x1 Tenderizer Jwl 1
– x1 Spirit Jwl 2
– x1 Spirit Jwl 1

Parts Needed:
x5 Novacrystal
x2 Sunspire Jewel
x2 Lazurite Jewel
x8 Monster Hardbone
x1 Pure Dragon Blood
x2 Hyper Draco. Scale
x4 Brach Carapace
x3 Brach Ebonshell+
x1 Brach Scalp
x1 Brach Pounder
x1 Rathian Spike
x1 Rathian Webbing
x2 S. Rathalos Carapace
x1 Tigrex Claw
x5 Gore Magala Scale+
x5 Gore Magala Ripclaw+
x1 Hyper G. Magala Scale
x1 Akantor Tallfang
x1 Akantor Spike
x5 Alatreon Talon
x1 Commendation G

– The Sword Saint Earring can be replaced by any of the Head Pieces that give full skills.



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