Essential Mixed Set: Extreme Fishing


The Extreme Fishing set was made to make fishing a little easier but also be able to handle the cold/hot temperatures without going through drinks on a regular basis. Fishing in MHGen can be extremely boring, so not wasting items on it can be a help. I also added in Autotracker to make sure you can fish in relative peace, or you can do a little hunting on the side if you choose.

Armor Class: Blademaster
Armor Type: Gathering
Defense: 222-501
– Autotracker
– Outdoorsman
– Polar Hunter
– Tropic Hunter
Empty Slots: –
– Fire: +4
– Water: +4
– Thunder: -4
– Ice: -1
– Dragon: +4

Weapon: Any Weapon

Head: Takami Feather
Chest: X Gammoth Jacket
Hands: Ancient Arms
Waist: Hunter’s Faulds S
Legs: Ancient Boots

Charm: +5 ColdBlooded 000

– x6 Solar Jwl 1

Parts Needed:
x5 Dragonite Ore
x3 Carbalite Ore
x6 Lazurite Jewel
x2 Wyvern Gem
x5 Gendrome Hide+
x2 Iodrome Hide+
x5 Bullfango Pelt
x4 Bullfango Pelt+
x12 Agnaktor Carapace
x5 Gammoth Pelt
x4 Commendation G
x4 Bherna Ticket
x4 Wycademy Ticket
x1 Fan Club Application



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