Essentials Mixed Set: Abductor



Abductor makes Capturing much easier. Depending on your charm, you can even get an extra skill added that can help out. Personally, I use Elemental Up charms just to give it a boost of power, but an Attack +10 000 charm works great too. I consider this an Essentials set because there are plenty of capture quests and monsters that have better drop rates with capture than they do with a kill.

Armor Class: Blademaster
Armor Type: Capture
Defense: 274-584
– Capture Master
– Capture Guru
– Trap Master
Empty Slots: –
– Fire: -1
– Water: -9
– Thunder: -8
– Ice: -3
– Dragon: +3

Weapon: 2-Slot Weapon

Head: Artian Helm R
Chest: Scholarly Suit S
Hands: Artian Braces R
Waist: Buccaneer Coil J
Legs: Najarala Greaves S

Charm: Any 000

– x5 Perception Jwl 1
– x2 Capture Jwl 3

Parts Needed:
x5 Binoculars
x10 Fucium Ore
x8 Firecell Stone
x5 Aquaglow Jewel
x2 Lazurite Jewel
x3 Monster Keenbone
x2 Hyper ClawHyper Claw
x10 Gargwa Feather
x5 Moofah Fleeceball
x3 Slagtoth Hide+
x3 Lavasioth Fin+
x1 Hyper Lavasioth Scale
x4 Agnaktor Hide+
x3 Najarala Carapace
x3 Najarala Hide+
x3 Gammoth Pelt+
x4 Teostra Claw+
x2 Ancient Fragment
x4 Commendation G
x1 Wycademy Ticket
x2 Hyper Hunter II
x1 Pirate Ticket J



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