***In Progress*** Goal: Create 4 separate armor sets: Void, Solar, Arc, Crucible Plan: 1) Arc (Soul Arc Build) 2) Solar (Grenade Build) 3) Void (Melee Build) 4) Crucible (Quick Survival Build) Ideas: *As I do not currently have a full list of which mods can be modded into what armor pieces, these are only Dreams [...]


Destiny 2 Cheat Sheet

Table of Contents: XUR [XUR] Character Related - [CHA] Clan [CLA] Weekly Milestones [WMS] Events - [ENT] Engrams [ENG] Emblems [EMB] Weapons [WEA] Recommended Guide YouTube Channels [YOU] [XUR] (2017.09.22) Location: Titan Items: Foetracer (Hunter Helmet) - 23 Legendary Shards ACD/0 Feedback Fence (Titan Gauntlets) - 23 Legendary Shards Sunbracers (Warlock Gauntlets) - 23 Legendary Shards [...]

Essential Mixed Set: Extreme Fishing

The Extreme Fishing set was made to make fishing a little easier but also be able to handle the cold/hot temperatures without going through drinks on a regular basis. Fishing in MHGen can be extremely boring, so not wasting items on it can be a help. I also added in Autotracker to make sure you [...]

Mixed Set: Dragon’s Ire

Dragon's Ire is built for one thing only, Sharpness. First and foremost, I want to compare this to two in-game Armor Sets that focus on Sharpness +X: Hellblade and Esurient (Deviljho). Comparison: Hellblade is an overall better armor set that really only lacks Razor Sharp, but makes up for it with Grinder and the Speed [...]