Armory [MH] – ARCHIVED

Armor Sets for any sets completed before Monster Hunter World can be found here: Armory [MH] - ARCHIVED


Destiny 2 Cheat Sheet

Table of Contents: NightFall [NTF] XUR [XUR] Faction Rally [FAR] Iron Banner [IB] Bungie Bounty [BUB] Character Related - [CHA] Clan [CLA] Weekly Milestones [WMS] Events - [ENT] Engrams [ENG] Emblems [EMB] Weapons [WEA] Recommended Guide YouTube Channels [YOU] [NTF] (2017.11.14) Nightfall: Savathûn's Song - Modifiers - Momentum: Health and regeneration are disabled while standing [...]

Essential Mixed Set: Extreme Fishing

The Extreme Fishing set was made to make fishing a little easier but also be able to handle the cold/hot temperatures without going through drinks on a regular basis. Fishing in MHGen can be extremely boring, so not wasting items on it can be a help. I also added in Autotracker to make sure you [...]