Essentials Mixed Set: Abductor

  Abductor makes Capturing much easier. Depending on your charm, you can even get an extra skill added that can help out. Personally, I use Elemental Up charms just to give it a boost of power, but an Attack +10 000 charm works great too. I consider this an Essentials set because there are plenty [...]


Essential Mixed Set: Extreme Fishing

The Extreme Fishing set was made to make fishing a little easier but also be able to handle the cold/hot temperatures without going through drinks on a regular basis. Fishing in MHGen can be extremely boring, so not wasting items on it can be a help. I also added in Autotracker to make sure you [...]

Mixed Set: Dragon’s Ire

Dragon's Ire is built for one thing only, Sharpness. First and foremost, I want to compare this to two in-game Armor Sets that focus on Sharpness +X: Hellblade and Esurient (Deviljho). Comparison: Hellblade is an overall better armor set that really only lacks Razor Sharp, but makes up for it with Grinder and the Speed [...]

Variant Essentials Set: Celebrity Gown

The Celebrity Gown is put together to do small monster hunting. With Carving Celebrity, this set is great for gathering mats from small monsters. This does NOT work on Kelbi as they recover too quickly. While you could technically use this armor to get an extra carve on large monsters as well, the low armor [...]