The Guardians

[Destiny] AlphaSilvr [Hunter]*
Gender: Male (Human)
Class: Hunter
– Primary Subclass: Nightstalker
– Primary Job: God Slayer (Raids)
Status: Active

[Destiny] AlphaSilvr [Warlock]*
Gender: Female (Awoken)
Class: Warlock
– Primary Subclass: Stormcaller
– Primary Job: Strike Force (Strikes)
Status: Active

[Destiny] AlphaSilvr [Titan]*

Gender: Male (Exo)
Class: Titan
– Primary Subclass: Striker
– Primary Job: Front Lines (Crucible)
Status: Active


*Headcanon: Guardians form a trio bond. This isn’t done at birth, but through the light and given time three guardians become bonded and end up sharing a name.

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